Summer Bridge - English

  Summer Bridge - English - Semester Two - 2021
  6/28/2021 - 7/16/2021
  Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr
  8:00 AM - 12:34 PM
  SC Lyons Township D204

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For students who earned a W in English, LT is offering a summer bridge class to build skills in the respective subjects and give students the opportunity to earn a passing grade (P) for the class where they earned a “W.” The “P” will be weighted as a “D” for GPA purposes but will count towards fulfillment of the graduation requirement. Summer Bridge instructors will work with the student to put together a success plan that, upon completion, will result in earning the “P” grade which will show up on the transcript and count for English graduation credit. This course is free, and proximal transportation will be provided.